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Why Are You Doing This?

Quick question—when you set a goal, do you focus more on your “why” or your “how”?

You see, the “why” is the reason you set the goal in the first place. For example, my “why” of Rise and Hustle is to bring hope and encouragement to people like you in 90 seconds so that when adversity hits, you’re able to rise above your circumstances and hustle onward. I also want to leave my boys a legacy.

Now the “how” will change from time to time. For example, what you’re reading right now is one of my “hows”. Another way would be when I speak at the TT Summit later this week.

It’s important to understand that your “how” will change and sometimes, it will FAIL. That’s why it’s so important to focus more on your “why”. Your “why” never changes and it’s what keeps you going.

Focus on your “why” EVERY day.

Tough times will come. Adversity will strike. Let your “why” pull you through.

That’s how you #RiseandHustle.

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