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Six Week Diet Habit Template

Happy Valentine’s Day! Meh. I’m kidding. This “holiday” is just really cheesy. I don’t get it.
It’s like… “Oh yeah. It’s Valentine’s Day. I love you. Here’s some mysterious plastic filled with hot air and some flowers you’ll never water.” 
Then you go to a really crowded restaurant. The waiter has a snarled look on his face because he was told, “Hey, you’re single and sad. I need you to bring food to happy couples all night and feel sorry for yourself.” So you get poor service.
So yeah. That’s my V-Day Rant.
Here’s another rant… if you’re overwhelmed with the idea of transforming your diet, try this simple Six Week Diet Template and don’t quit. I hate it when people quit. It makes me rant. This template will give you some momentum as you implement some very powerful habits…
Best option: “Roll” each habit into the new week. For example, you’ll drink 80 ounces of water a day in week 2, while eliminating processed sugar.
Good option: Simply follow the habit of the week as shown.
Week 1:
Aim for 80 ounces of water per day
Week 2:
Eliminate ALL processed sugar (c’mon – you know what this is. Cake. Pastries. Pop-Tarts. Etc.) with the exception of ONE planned treat. If you want something sweet (and it’s not your planned reward time), go for some fruit. Any fruit. No it doesn’t matter.
Week 3:
Aim to keep your starches (bread, rice, pasta) around your workouts and only ONE reward meal.
Week 4:
Give up alcohol for just ONE week. If you already don’t drink, you crushed week 4 already. You’re a Jedi.
Week 5:
Try a TWO NEW vegetables this week.
Week 6:
Focus on protein. Aim to have one serving of protein with every meal/snack you eat (15 – 35 grams).
Anything, and I mean ANYTHING can be done, one habit at a time.
Later tater,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT
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