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Listen, my wife still tries to do it… “Mikey, can you remind me to ____?

No mam, I can’t. I’ve tried to tell her I don’t trust myself. I’m old…er. Things slip my mind. I seriously forget why I walk into the kitchen at times and find myself staring at the pantry door.

And with her balancing homeschooling Champ, making us incredible, healthy dinners, and being an entrepreneur as well, she shouldn’t trust herself, either.

If you have an Iphone, you have a reminder feature that’s so easy, even a caveman can…. yeah.

Need to email something tomorrow morning at around 8am when you’re at your desk? Tell Siri, “Remind me at 8am to email ___”. She’ll “ding” at you at 8am.

No IPhone and you’re out and about without a pen/paper? No problem. Use Evernote or Wunderlist (they are both free apps).

Take the pressure off your spouse and use the technology that’s at your fingertips. That’s how you #RiseandHustle.

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