Transform Your Life Physically, Personally and Spiritually in 90 Seconds a Day

Mike Whitfield, Author of Rise and Hustle

  • Simple, doable tricks to improve your health and boost your energy
  • Double or even triple your productivity using the latest hacks
  • Discover devotions of hope to help you find your purpose
  • And you'll be able to read it in just 90 seconds or less!

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Shawna K"Thank you for your thought provoking daily perspectives in 'Rise and Hustle'. Life can get so complicated with all the noise and 'busy-ness' - I love the simple 'mini bites' of advice that Mike provides. His words have a way of simplifying things so that when applied, I can see the bigger picture. I can appreciate and live life more fully by reflecting on the simple premises that he brings up. Pure gold Mike - thank you again."

Shawna Kaminski, Author of the Bikini Belly

"As a business owner, husband, and father, there are plenty of days I'd love to hit the snooze button in the morning or skip going to the gym. And especially during the long Wisconsin winters, my motivation can hit an all time low pretty easily. However, after coming across Mike's incredible story, and his powerful 90-second daily rituals, my life has been better than ever. In less than 2-minutes, I'm in the right frame of mind to attack the day, focus on what's important, and take massive action towards my goals and dreams. It'll do the same for you."

Derek Wahler, Speaker and Author