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Four Reasons You’re Still Hungry After You Eat

This weekend, my wife and I went to Charleston, SC to visit her uncle and she was doing a nutrition seminar at our friend’s bootcamp. It was the first time my wife did the presenting and I got to relax and watch.

My diet wasn’t on point all weekend.

It was like I couldn’t get full. We were surrounded by sweets such as key lime pie and chocolate chip cookies. I had no “off” button. I totally slipped up.

I’m one of those people that one bite of sweets leads to 224 bites. That’s why I can’t allow sweets in our house. I sometimes have moments when I’m like… “Will I ever be full again?”

Maybe you can relate. So…

Why are you still hungry… even AFTER you eat?

Let’s do this…

Reason No. 1 You’re Drinking THIS
Some sweet teas, soda and other caloric drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup. A study from the University of California indicates that this substance can trick your brain into craving more food, even when you’re full.

It limits your body’s ability to use leptin, the hormone that tells you, “Hey, you’re full. Stop eating.”

Reason No. 2  You Ate the Can
Many canned foods are high in bisphenol-A (aka “BPA”), which can lead to food cravings according to a Harvard University study.

Reason No.3 You’re Eating Like a Kid
I don’t care if they ARE magically delicious. You need to save the Lucky Charms (and other sugary cereals) for your reward meal.

These sugary cereals crank your cravings, but pack on the calories. Seriously—who eats only 1/2 cup of cereal? No one.

Newsflash: A bowl of cereal is more than likely closer to 600 calories VS 150 calories like it says on the box. Measure out the next time you eat cereal and you’ll be blown away.

Reason No. 4 You’re Not Acting British
Check this out – A study from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition revealed that those who drank 1 cup of black tea after eating decreased their blood sugar levels by 10 percent for 2-1/2 hours AFTER they ate.

They also stayed full longer and had few food cravings. Researchers say it’s the polyphenolic compounds in black tea for suppressing “rebound” hunger.

Enjoy a cup after dinner this week a few times and see what happens to your hunger. You might be surprised.

Hope that helps. Now I’m off to the basketball court to work off some this chaos from the weekend.

You know what? We ALL slip up.

The victory is in the getting up.

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