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Five Ideas to Script Your First 15 Minutes

Good morning!

Whether you enjoy some NFL football or not, you’ll learn a lesson from Bill Walsh. He was the former coach of the San Fransisco 49ers.

Did you know Walsh actually scripted their first 15 plays? In other words, he knew exactly how his team would start the game, play by play, for the first 15 plays.

This motivated the team and got them mentally prepared. They had a “routine” to start the next 3+ hours of playing football.

What if you took this same mentality and applied it to your life? 

What if you knew exactly what you’ll do with the first 15 minutes of your day? How much of a positive impact would it make? 

Let’s do this…

Script your first 15 minutes. Know exactly what you’ll read or listen to. Here are some ideas:

Read something that drives you.

Spend time in God’s word.

Watch a motivational video.

Read Rise and Hustle <= Self promoting? Well… yeah. Duh.

Write in your gratitude journal.

The first 15 minutes will dictate the rest of your day. Start strong so you finish strong.

That’s how you Rise and Hustle.

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