Does It Matter?

Does it matter?

The health industry is hilarious. Every bite must be “labeled”.

Is what you’re eating Paleo? Low Carb? Low Glycemic? South Beach?

And now we’re just confused. We’re not sure what diet we’re on. We can’t remember what’s forbidden and what’s allowed.

And THAT… is a shame.

My question is … “Does it matter?”.

Forget the labels. Focus on better decisions. You can even call this the “Better Decision” Diet.

Everything you do requires a decision. For example, taking an apple over a candy bar. That’s obviously a better decision.

Is it Paleo? Is it gluten-free? It doesn’t matter. It’s a better decision.

And every better decision counts.

#RiseandHustle Health Challenge

This week, admit a bad habit with a friend or family member that’s affecting your health.

Replace that bad habit with a better habit. In other words, make a better decision. Have your accountability partner hold you to it.

For example, choosing water instead of Coke at your 2pm break time.

Don’t forget to hashtag it…


Now rise and hustle to better health…

… one decision at a time,
Mike Whitfield

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