How to Have an Amazing Quiet Time in Just 10 Minutes

Desire quiet time but don’t have time? This powerful quiet time template will improve your walk with God, dramatically change your daily perception and according to author Mike Whitfield, will give your mindset a desperately needed “oil change”. You’ll get the step-by-step quiet time template and more.  

3 Simple Habits of Successful People

3 powerful, but simple habits you can use to achieve success faster than ever. Mike Whitfield, author of Rise and Hustle, shows you the 3 most powerful habits you can use immediately to achieve any goal faster.  

Doable Time Management Hacks

Discover 4 breakthroughs to get more done in less time and eliminate feeling overwhelmed. Mike Whitfield, author of Rise and Hustle, takes you through his top time management hacks so you no longer feel overwhelmed and focus more on your purpose.  

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Why Are You Doing This?

Quick question—when you set a goal, do you focus more on your “why” or your “how”? You see, the “why” is the reason you set the goal in the first place. For example, my “why” of Rise and Hustle is to bring hope and encouragement to people like you in 90 seconds so that when adversity hits, you’re able to …

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May Have this Free Assistant

Listen, my wife still tries to do it… “Mikey, can you remind me to ____?” No mam, I can’t. I’ve tried to tell her I don’t trust myself. I’m old…er. Things slip my mind. I seriously forget why I walk into the kitchen at times and find myself staring at the pantry door. And with her balancing homeschooling Champ, making …

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1-Star Review :(

I have a friend in a network marketing business that was concerned about a potential customer finding a bad review online about the product she’s selling. I couldn’t help but chuckle… I then asked her if the Bible has helped her in her life journey and she replied with, “Of course.” I then told her that it has HUNDREDS of 1-star reviews. …

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Good morning! My wife and I have an ongoing joke that I make her laugh every day, no matter what’s going on. Even if we’re in a “tiff,” I break the tension with some sarcasm, a horrible joke or at the very least, a funny-looking face (which is me just looking at her… I have a natural hilarious-looking face… I mean, …

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How to Find Out if You Still Got It

Good morning! It was around this time 4 years ago that I was invited to play pickup basketball at my church in the mornings. Shamefully, the first thing I asked myself was, “Do I still got it?” (bad English, I know) And you know what? When I first showed up, I didn’t have it. It had been almost a decade …