varactor diode specifications

Germanium: Germanium is less widely used and but offers a low turn on voltage of around 0.2 to 0.3 V. Leaving or selecting "No Preference" will not limit the search criteria for this question; products with all attribute options will be returned as matches. The reverse breakdown voltage, VB of a varactor diode is an important specification because the voltages which can be used to drive these diodes to provide the required range of capacitance can be quite high in some instances. It is also used in applications that feature very low RDS (on), no secondary breakdown, and direct interface to complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and transistor-transistor logic (TTL). Please view our large selection of varactor diodes below. It is wise select a diode with a maximum reverse voltage which is a very minimum of 5 volts greater than the maximum voltage which will be applied. These are the main varactor specifications that need to be considered outside the basic diode specifications. Applications of the Varactor Diode. This stage is not part of the EIA-724 product life cycle data model. Varactor / varicap     De capaciteit neemt af met toenemende omgekeerde voorspanning, hoewel naarmate … Definition: Varactor diode is the one which works on the principle of variation in capacitance by changing the width of the depletion region of P-N junction. Varactor diode definition. 3) Reverse Current (Leakage existing). Sales and capacity have peaked. Powermite®3 is a registered trademark of Diodes, Inc. SC-59 is a plastic surface mounted package with three leads. Subminiature-N (SMB) connectors are snap-mount connectors that are available either in 50Ù or 75Ù impedances. Final shipments are made for existing orders. A P-N junction diode which acts as a variable capacitor by changing reverse bias is known as a Varactor Diode.. Word Varactor is given to it due to its property of varying capacitance. Varactor diode is known by several names as Varicap, Voltcap, Voltage variable capacitance, or Tunning diode. Production is increasing rapidly. SOD-323 is a small outline diode (SOD) package. Capacity is beginning to decline. Definition: Varactor Diode is a PN junction diode that is especially operated in reverse biased mode. A varactor is a non-microphonic, comp;1ct, electronically var­ iable capacitor whose capacitance can be rea

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