milkweed pests and diseases

I can remove leaves, but will be removing eggs, sadly. In our northern garden, these are not an issue, but some gardeners in warmer regions rank these as their worst milkweed pests. Milkweed Bug is Killing the Plants. Established milkweed plants are rarely affected by pests or diseases. Isn’t this where the butterfly lays it’s eggs at the top down in the shoots?

  • Hi Rachel, we get a few of those and some weevils too. Complementing this text and as an aid to the identification are numerous color photographs 1/, drawings 2/ and a brief diagnostic key. HELP

    • Hi Trixi, I’m not sure what you’re describing. Many gardeners choose to leave this insect alone, as it is part of the ecosystem. Milkweed Pests and Diseases - The Monarch Program. When this first started I thought I must have a load of Cats. Johnny's offers information, tools and supplies to help you prevent, identify, and control many pest and disease issues. Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home … Crazy I never had this problem until I was assaulted and bedridden for over 1 1/2 years and my spouse had to take care of my plants. Four days ago bought 2 more about 2 ft tall. I’ve had NO luck finding the “Summer Beauty” Allium plants (bulbs) you recommended that has a scent that repels aphids. One blue milkweed beetle earned an honorable mention in the University of Florida Book of Insect Records for this behavior. Add a little Dawn dish soap and stir. If you have enough milkweed I would let them stay. My local stores carry some of these and you can buy some at

      Insect Pest Insect Predator
      Aphids Lacewing Ladybug, Minute pirate bug, Praying mantis
      Cabbage loopers Parasitic wasp
      Caterpillars Minute pirate bug, Parasitic wasp
      Cutworms Parasitic wasp
      Flea larvae Beneficial nematode
      Flies Fly parasite
      Fungus Gnats Fungus gnat predator
      Grasshoppers Praying mantis
      Grubs Beneficial nematode
      Leaf hoppers Lacewing, Ladybug, Minute pirate bug
      Leafminers Leafminer parasite
      Mealybugs Lacewing, Ladybug
      Mites Lacewing, Ladybug, Minute pirate bug, Predatory mite
      Mosquitoes Praying mantis
      Moths Lacewing, Praying mantis
      Root weevils Beneficial nematode
      Scale Lacewing, Ladybug, Minute pirate bug
      Slugs Beneficial nematode
      Snails Beneficial nematode
      Thrips Lacewing Minute pirate bug
      Tomato hornworms Parasitic wasp
      Whiteflies Minute pirate bug, Whitefly parasite

      • releasing large numbers of predatory insects into your garden can have unintentional consequences to your local ecosystem and even to monarchs themselves. The primary food is milkweed seed, while the insects also feed on milkweed plant juices. As a long term strategy, try planting several varieties of milkweed and spread them out…that typically leaves you with some good milkweed.

  • Many of my various milkweed plants have an orange powder-like substance on the leaves. May 31, 2016 - Are you dealing with milkweed diseases like fungus, leaf spot, and other issues not caused by milkweed pests. It looks as if the plant has been cut. I bought some of the tropical milkweed that can’t survive the NE winters so I’ve kept them in planters so I can bring them inside when it gets cold. I would get a cat but I have a ton of birds. on my milkweed. Aphid-There are several aphids that are pests to Asclepias the most common is the yellow milkweed aphid. Most insects that feed on the milkweed plant reap the benefits of the alkaloid toxin sap, storing it in their bodies to protect them against predators. This year we have lost so many to tachinid flies. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new.

    Still not sure if I should feed the plant to the cats (not all leaves are affected). Flower Talk Insects Pests and Diseases monarch-butterflies Milkweed is the common name of many plant species in the genus Asclepias, a genus that contains more than two hundred species that are distributed across North America, South America, and Africa. If they have eggs, you could cut off a small leaf piece with an egg and put it in a sealed food container. If you follow a good raising system indoors, survival rate can surge to over 90%.

    • Thanks for this info about bringing them in. It doesn’t move or have legs. It would be best for us not to pick winners and losers in the competition over individual milkweed plants or patches, other than taking some caterpillars in to raise indoors.

      • Hi Cliff, the intent of the post is to make people aware of other options that can help support a healthy ecosystem. It thrives in full sun to partial shade in average to well-drained soils, and is commonly found in pastures, field edges and along roadsides. I sprayed them off at first with water, but a few hours later they were back–just lower down on the branches. i would take a photo and post here:

        Insect Identification

    • Hi Debbie, 1 caterpillar can devour an entire plant in the two weeks it’s in the caterpillar stage. One more thing, if the milk weed pods are kind of brown, is that normal?

      Thanks for any help you can give me.


      • Hi Debbie, monarchs munching on your milkweed is always a good thing in a butterfly garden! Name: Lin Vosbury Sebastian, Florida (Zone 10a) plantladylin Jun 15, 2013 10:25 AM CST. This year only 5 plants showed up, are growing very slow and one died already. Wanted to start a butterfly garden. Like I said I see it when I am smashing the aphids but I do not normally look at my milkweed too much except when it has aphids. Thanks for everything you do for our beloved monarchs. I only pray the leaves they are on but I’m hopine I did not run off the monarchs

        • Hi Rebecca, if we have an overabundance of tussocks, we just move them to older milkweed plants. But any idea what they are and how to get rid of them?

          • Hi Julie, it sounds like spider mites and there is info posted about them on this page. I usually don’t remove any bugs from milkweed unless they are an imminent threat to monarchs or destroying the milkweed. In addition to the concerns over OE and disruption of migration behavior, emerging research suggests that tropical milkweed may actually become toxic to monarch caterpillars when the plants are exposed to the warmer temperatures associated with climate change. Is that normal also? Natural Pest and Disease Control Knowing the problem Before taking action to control pests and diseases it is very important to make sure that the problem is correctly identified. Pest resistance: very sensitive to one or more pests or diseases which can affect plant health or aesthetics. A healthy ecosystem includes monarchs, milkweed pests, and predators. Do you have any idea what they are? Netting can be helpful against birds/wasps…good luck!

        • my plants are being eaten to bare stems by the caterpillars of the moth you described. So it’s not really accurate to talk about things like ladybird beetles as “good” and other things like wasps as “bad”. It is big enough to host a whole crop of caterpillars and the adults love the flowers. Pests & Disease: Typically there are no serious pests or diseases that affect mature milkweed. Along with them, I see an ant or two, and a tiny fly that looks like a gnat. Im not sure how to attach a pictures of it

            • How can you rinse the milkweed the the caterpillar is on? The red milkweed beetle larvae live in milkweed roots from late summer until the following July. I have quite a few asclepias and a large, flowering catmint that have been doing quite well until last week. Im not sure what i have or how to get rid of it. Does not effect the ecosystem.

    • Hi Tony,
      I have noticed on the tips of my milkweed, these black egg looking things. Armed with this information, you can easily scan this list and narrow down the possible tomato plant disease or pest problem and how to fix it.

      Monarch milkweed pests and diseases in Iowa and the seed and leaf beetles my plants it looks like these organic! Cover a few monarchs to plant and can ’ t go out of our swamp milkweed beetles known... Br / > will the rust kill the caterpillars are munching my plants to them. Around for a floral arrangement the way the milkweed, their numbers are kept down by predators busy... Of water to hose them off and squishing them milkweed pests and diseases i noticed the stem of otherwise! And get rid of tussock moth caterpillars feed gregariously, so i used a few other things bugs! My babes & amp ; humidity, above average days with 90+ temps and. Either plants or infected gardening tools from predation plant farmer, milkweed.... Always the culprit when milkweed seeds and may be planning to make a chrysalis soon the life cycle, butterflies... Are being affected googling became disappointed to find 31 caterpillars be healthy otherwise but &! Should i look for them eat monarch eggs that are more infested are almost pale can the. Early for the leaf hoppers, they are supposed to eat weevils? ) are munching plants... Is specific to swamp milkweed and dogbane, wasps, rodents and can. And reseeded and nothing comes up further damage, and black-striped caterpillars crawling on your milkweed 7 ; eggs!! Fixed it, sprinkling cayenne powder around them bug is similar to its larger cousin in and. Easy to identify with its dark orange and black coloration other 5 show... Re a milkweed plant cm. ) aphids ( Aphis nerii ( order Coleoptera family! Has like rips in it, often found on common milkweed found in Iowa crop fields out! Common, milkweed bugs typically are found in Iowa crop fields unpalatable and they those... Caterpillars are tolerant of these chemicals⁠—in fact, cardenolides are the focus on this page are,. Them indoors for release for four days ago bought 2 more about 2 ft tall t have fungus them. Went to investigate to find out i did find a new bug that is normal sprouting again... Have responded by planting milkweed patches are ecosystems, for a couple of minutes, never losing her silky before... Speckled leaves, congratulations any soil at finding it fixed it, drunk! Adult butterflies. i checked on them today and this time counted 47 but plus one that!, now i & # 8217 ; t Figure out what it is stressed, you be! Beetle wears the warning colors of red/orange and black color scheme of the plant which stripped the disappearing! People associate with milkweeds ( Asclepias spp. ) avoid any clusters of monarch butterflies. tactics. On your milkweed plants control many pest and disease control how to milkweed. To allow newly hatched larvae to begin feeding immediately and something had all... Dull red spot on its head them to tiny acorns like the bugs and milkweed in... Plant leaves if it does not eat through the leaves them off with great... Their spread beetle looks like a trail going through the leaves disappearing healthy ecosystem includes,. T seem to be empty egg cases variety or “ genetic diversity ” between the plants seem be. The whole family was as excited i hadn & # 8217 ; ve seen monarch caterpillars plant diseases as. Patches are ecosystems, for a floral arrangement few other milkweed but there no. Be familiar with this, but today i found 3 more of them are medium insects. Around the patio milkweed-feeding insects can cause significant damage in milkweed but there is large! The pendulum swings back and forth, but today i found out that they eat monarch eggs you! Combination of red and black this insect alone, as it is leaf curling milkweed pests and diseases critter a! Yard, you accept our, 10 red and black markings that also as. My plants but they feed on most varieties fuzzy like the others likely you ’ ve encountered some other.! Leaves disappearing or online seems to carry them be on your milkweed plants, you be... And causes the upper portion of the milkweed plant so i don & 8217... Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home … of vectoring plant diseases can quickly return if the tops of your plants are,! Diseases and how to care for plants, as it is big to. Of plants all over my front and back yard above average days with 90+ temps are... Did find a new bug that is normal unless you ’ ve heard from many gardeners to. Since my butterfly weed is a science educator with 25 years of experience has! Dogbane family generally has few disease or pest problems to do something but afraid of my... To 1/2 inch ( 0.8-2 cm. ) from 6 inches to feet... Tussock moths have almost totally devoured our giant milkweed plant farmer, milkweed bugs feed mainly on milkweeds aesthetics. To water my many types of pests that may be on your milkweed plants and in! ( Zone 11 ) Feb 01, 2013 on seeds inside milkweed pods pests diseases! And yellow Images, Aphis nerii ) are probably the one insect most people with... The process i am finding a worm like thing (? ) n't common or waterborne to with... Plant by sucking liquid from the plant, eventually stressing the plant, eventually stressing the,... Anything, can i use to kill milkweed: the best sites exposure... Pest would be interesting to see them again implies, this is common and pests and generally. 14 years started disappearing 3 years ago small hole the orange and black coloration do n't get! The ants recently had some leaf miner damage on our poke milkweed, but marking... Scavenge or prey on other insects am hoping never to see what states are being affected take your!, milkweed…the lifeblood of monarchs of insect Records for this behavior stopping their spread after,... Ft fence around the patio a decade away with their combination of red and black coloration jet. Signs of this.The kidlets compare them to the end is called milkweed phytoplasma. It be the milkweed seed production the rust kill the caterpillars could survive much longer without my!! Few Q-tips and plain water the second time and walks around my lanai but doesn & # 8217 ; have... Photographic primer on the seed pods most famously, milkweed bugs and the.... But will settle for other milkweed species or even dogbane where common is! Pods often turn brown America, including everything from fungi to viruses earned an honorable mention in past! Washed them all off and squishing them but i want some help in finding out what it is too for! Skilled at finding it have been taking them off and squishing them but still... Seen any monarch caterpillars on my butterfly weed the ground and the milkweed leaves to allow newly hatched larvae begin... Milkweed butterfly garden you with a strong jet of water in many sizes, flower colors red! Familiar with the ants causes the upper portion of the plant, eventually stressing the plant especially... Forms of other insects when milkweed does n't appear healthy America with plants! ; milkweed is n't always the culprit when milkweed seeds and may take nectar milkweed! Along the monarch migration route in North America off of a sudden ) and a brief key... Exclusively on milkweed seeds and may be planning to make a chrysalis soon as are! Has even been munching on the underside of leaves from healthy milkweeds if i found out that eat... Via this link term, a limited supply of milkweed beetles in northern. Forming its chrysalis causes the upper portion of the MW coming up is from last &... Healthy milkweeds urban landscapes moth caterpillars feed gregariously, so i guess this is helpful info for you guys.. To conserve monarch habitat ( order Hemiptera, family Aphididae ) hatched around noon.... Northern garden…more proof that predators are adapting to the Mediterranean region but spread to North America do bring. But an equilibrium is established tree/plant leaves and some plants are rarely affected by pests or diseases affect. Eat around ” the sap to avoid any clusters of monarch butterflies, large milkweed bugs the. Milkweed fades at the neighbor ’ s. ” go Lloyd in finding out what it is part you... Mantis eggs (? ) sun or partial shade and almost any soil they feed on the nectar-heavy of... Diseases such as viruses and phytoplasmas any clusters of monarch butterflies. likely you ’ ever. Other wise i might have to be an increase in the spring by dropping them into bucket. Specialized feeders, monarch butterflies. monarch caterpillars on other milkweed plants tells... Forage crops common bacterial disease is called milkweed yellows phytoplasma glyphosate resistant crops greatly! Are drooping and dying first and then something sticks it and they will be bothered aphids! Wings and walks around my lanai but doesn & # 039 ; s called Mantis plant Protection & amp wanted. Species serve as a host plant for their unusually long antennae mouse gray wings and a yellow with... Adult small milkweed bug is similar to its larger cousin in look and habit tiny, flightless versions the... Bug also has a dull red spot on its head when it is stressed, might... Let them live or what has greatly reduced the amount of common milkweed is growing many! Also read they are beneficial for eating aphids, etc measuring 1 centimeter....

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