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Antigua and Barbuda slashed its donation minimum in half, making it by far the cheapest solution for a family of four. A family of four will now spend, thanks to the pandemic passport sale, $167,500 all-in (down about $40,000), making St. Lucia’s program much more competitive with Antigua and Barbuda’s for families (which charges about $145,000 for a family of four). Instant citizenship is possible when you invest in a government fund, local real estate property, an approved business, or in government bonds. 2016. You can get more details on Vanuatu’s official citizenship by investment website. Another option to get Iceland second citizenship is Citizenship by Residency. The country is landlocked in a conflict-prone region and lacks the lifestyle appeal of other countries offering similar programs. With a top-tier passport from a place such as Malta, your chances of ever encountering this issue are rare. And you often can dramatically reduce your taxes if you pick a low-tax country. And back in 1989, Grenada signed an agreement with the United States allowing Grenadians to work and live in the US under the E-2 Investor visa treaty. But American citizens who do the same (and make more than $107,600 per year in earned income in 2020) will have to pay taxes in both Hong Kong AND the United States…. Citizenship by investment is a process by which an individual obtains a second passport and second citizenship by investing in the country ― usually in the form of property investment. Total Access members can now obtain passports from Saint Lucia, as well as Antigua and Barbuda, for less than anyone else in the world. One such option is to pursue a points-based immigration visa. This type of visa grants residency to skilled immigrants – and especially those with skills in high-demand fields such as engineering or medicine. Use our free Easiest Citizenship & Passport Comparison Sheet to see all the easiest options at a glance. After a few years of residency abroad (and assuming you meet all the country’s other requirements), you can apply for citizenship and a second passport. Whether you choose a foreign residency or a second passport via citizenship by investment, you’re on the right path. Alternatively, you can deposit $500,000 in a local bank for at least three years. Antigua and Barbuda’s official citizenship by investment website, 79 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking, Dominica’s official citizenship by investment website, 71 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. That’s why so many people have been looking to buy second citizenships. Kopavogur, Iceland. Our intelligence reports cover all four ways to get a second passport & citizenship in detail. And some countries have a territorial taxation system, meaning you only pay taxes on locally generated income, not your global income. The traditional government bond option requires investors to keep bonds for at least five years. Malta was home to the first European Union-approved citizenship by investment program. This means that U.S. citizens may enter Iceland for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Antigua and Barbuda’s list of approved business projects. That way, a little bit of your effort and time turns into a generational gift — at a fraction of the price you would pay for economic citizenship. There are many other fantastic, legal tax reduction strategies you can use– especially if you own a business. A single applicant will donate just a total of $108,500 – but for the same price, we encourage you to first consider St. Lucia. Upon approval and receipt of the investment, Bulgaria issues the investor permanent residency. If there’s one destination in particular that might turn into an ideal getaway from Covid-19, it’s Iceland. So, it’s no wonder that most economic citizenship applicants come from a few regions: the Middle East, the ex-Soviet bloc, and China – in other words, countries whose passports do not allow visa-free travel to the West. St. Lucia now gives Antigua and Barbuda a run for its money when it comes to family applications: All total, government fees included, a family of four will pay a total of $167,500 for St. Lucian passports. Started in 2016, Saint Lucia offers several options for applicants to their citizenship-by-investment program (visa-free access to 123 countries, including the Schengen area and the UK). Its passport offers visa-free access to just 50 countries – excluding all the major developed nations. On a bright side, five years later, St. Lucian government should pay you the $250,000 bond amount back, so your final cost for the passport will just be the fee of $37,500. But the government now offers inexpensive “COVID-19 Relief Bonds” as part of its citizenship-by-investment program. Non-EU citizens first deposit 1,000,000 Bulgarian lev (about $560,000) into a government bond portfolio. Each Caribbean citizenship by investment program grants visa-free access to the Schengen (passport-free) area of Europe. If you find a program you like, make sure to find official information from the government’s website that confirms the program actually exists. At Sovereign Man, our opinion is that St. Lucia offers the best value citizenship by investment program in the world today for single applicants, and, thanks to its COVID-19 sale, one of the best deals for families. It ranks as number 82 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. The ID number for the Immigration Service is 670269-6399. It’s without a doubt a fantastic passport. Here are the European countries selling citizenship: Curious about other ways you can get a European passport? It’s important to note that although Montenegro is listed in this section, its passport doesn’t actually give you the right to live and work in the European Union (EU). (This money is held for five years, then returned to investors without interest.). That’s an obvious downside. Consider which options make the most sense for your circumstances. Only once you are clear on why you want a second passport, can you determine how much it is worth to you and decide whether you want to go the investment route. This is rare, but has happened in extreme circumstances. Despite that, it is still possible to become an Andorran citizen. A second passport is an insurance policy designed to protect you against various sovereign risks. All-in-all, St. Lucia remains the best deal for single applicants and is a STRONG competitor for families, thanks to its COVID-19 sale. We cover a wide range of fields– such as cannabis, AI, developing markets, etc. After a 35 year-long history of leading the field of economic citizenships, St. Kitts’ program has earned a stellar reputation. What's the best Citizenship-By-Investment Program? Is Citizenship-By-Investment the only way to get a Second Passport & Citizenship? This fund requires a contribution of US$150,000 from a single applicant, plus the government fee of $7,500. Inside, we present opportunities to invest in early-stage businesses that have explosive potential. One great benefit of living or having citizenship abroad can be the ability to minimize your tax burden. However, you can also qualify by investing in a local enterprise, government bonds, or a real estate or venture capital fund. Iceland has green and sustainable energy competitively priced. Pending formal regulations being passed, applicants can expect the following requirements when applying in 2021: Going forward, applicants will need to be granted residence in Malta before being granted citizenship. But before you renounce your citizenship, you should look at alternative tax reduction strategies. The other option is to buy an approved piece of real estate. Iceland is a mixed economy with major industries like fisheries, ship building, manufacturing and services sector. And it ranks as number 71 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. Adding a spouse is only another $8,000 in fees. Any foreigner entering or leaving Iceland must carry a travel document (a valid form of identity, like a passport). Going back several weeks, Iceland looked like the most promising country for Americans to be able to visit this summer. Although a second passport makes sense for everyone, citizenship-by-investment may not be the right option for you. But now, any family with at least six members can make a donation into a fund dedicated to the expansion of the University of the West Indies. While the country was first going to allow Americans as of June 15, that was then pushed back to July 1. Immigrating to Iceland is easiest if you're a European resident as it is part of the European Union. It ranks as number 83 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. Use this sheet to ensure you don’t overpay for a passport that doesn’t provide significantly more value. And while there’s no residency waiting period, it takes these governments a little time to process your application. In addition, the new program will feature two ddonation options: All-in, your total will be around €1,200,000 (plus government fees). We cover it below.). If you are in this situation, the only way you can completely escape the US tax system is by renouncing your US citizenship. While accepting cryptocurrency is a positive development, and we should applaud the country’s leaders in embracing new technology, there is a drawback that we’ve warned about. There was an attempted coup d’etat in 2016. A passport from one of these countries includes visa-free access to most of the developed world and key parts of the developing world, including most of southeast Asia (for manufacturing and trade opportunities). If You Are A High-Income-Earning American... download a free in-depth intelligence report on, allows entrepreneurs to start certain types of businesses, The number of visa-free countries its holders can visit, Citizenship By Investment Comparison Sheet, Purchase A Government-Approved Real Estate Property​, Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs, European Citizenship By Investment Programs, Click here to learn more about Total Access, Download our Citizenship By Investment Comparison Table. The first alternative everyone should look at is their family tree. You may need to apply for a visa to be able to visit the US or Canada, for example. St. Kitts sets the minimum investment in real estate at $200,000 plus an additional $24,050 in government fees for the main applicant, and additional dependents no older than 16. This is the number of countries you can visit visa-free with your new passport… that you couldn’t visit visa-free with your first one. The Paraguayan residency specialist paid a fat commission to anyone who would promote her services. Therefore, we encourage you to think it through carefully and consider whether these additional visa-free countries are worth the cost. The required documents for a visa to Iceland are a crucial part of your visa application. The US tax code offers a lot of opportunities to legally reduce your tax liability without resorting to renunciation. Another option to get Iceland second citizenship is Citizenship by Residency. At best, you will just end up with an expensive and useless piece of paper. This is an especially apt point right now, with countries spending billions and trillions in pandemic programs… and when countries that rely on tourism, such as those in the Caribbean, are suffering from the lack of travel. Or, a $350,000 real estate investment (plus $58,000 in government, application, processing and due diligence fees) qualifies a single applicant for a second passport. Keep in mind, however, that on top of the donation/investment amount and the government fees, you’ll have to pay a commission to an agent who will lodge your citizenship application with the government. The Caribbean Islands of St.Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and Antigua & Barbuda process Citizenship/Passport by Investment requests within 6 months of receiving an application. But if none of these options are suitable for you, then maybe a second citizenship by investment is the best way for you to renounce your US citizenship and enjoy enormous tax savings. Even if you don’t have Italian ancestors, this report will give you a better idea of how citizenship by descent works. However, it is usually by far the fastest way to obtain a second passport. The US is the only major country in the world that taxes its citizens on their worldwide income– even if they don’t reside in their home country anymore. It ranks as number 136 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. Real estate requires a $300,000 minimum investment and is limited to high-end branded hotels and resorts and high-end boutique properties. A €450,000 investment in Podgorica or in the country’s coastal area. This will help you decide whether the extra cost for a certain passport is worth it for you. You can choose to work with a world-famous service provider and pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees, or with a much smaller firm and pay a fraction of that amount. European Countries – Real Estate Golden Visas. However, only consider this investment option if you really know what you are doing. Chile is a very safe county, it’s very modern with lots of opportunities. For individuals with substantial assets, however, citizenship-by-investment programs offer an easy shortcut to obtain a second passport. In Notes, you will also learn about the latest developments in the field of economic citizenships and citizenships by descent. And consider subscribing to our free newsletter, Notes From The Field, where we share advice on how to make more money, keep more of it, and protect it all from frivolous lawsuits and overreaching governments. (Remember – the United States is the only major nation whose citizens are responsible for paying home country taxes no matter where they live. Expired or lost passports – Iceland Coronavirus: safely resuming travel. And several of our members have re-invested the profits they made from our private investment deals into our citizenship-by-investment service and saved tens of thousands of dollars. This brings us to the next point: an overview of where to buy a passport, and which countries offer citizenship by investment… one of which may stand out as the right one for you and your family. First, you could donate to the country’s Sustainable Growth Sund. Dominica’s real estate citizenship by investment option requires investors to purchase a $200,000 property. Include your name and date of birth in the information when submitting the payment. In any case, all current members of the EU that are not yet part of the Schengen are legally obliged to join the area in the future, so the membership is just a matter of time. And to renounce it, you’ll first have to get a second citizenship and passport. Instead of a donation, you can also choose to invest either in real estate or government bonds. Please tick above to confirm funds. Additionally we also have intelligence on everything from new residency or foreign banking options to how to reduce, defer, or even eliminate your taxes, to incredible investment picks outside the mainstream. Australia, Russia and most of South America are also off-limits to Saudis unless they obtain a visa. And if the local real estate market booms, you can do even better. What's the best Citizenship-By-Investment option in the EU? A foreign residency won’t immediately grant you a second passport. Vanuatu is potentially setting itself up to be in the cross-hairs of illicit hackers, eager to exploit the government’s Bitcoin wallet. Transfer funds to account number 0515-26-410424 in the Central Bank of Iceland, Íslandsbanki hf. Cypriot authorities were swift to deny these allegations, claiming that previously lacking due diligence issues had been addressed. To determine the best citizenship by investment value, we first reviewed each country’s lowest-cost investment option (donation), then divided this cost by the number of visa-free countries its passport allows. Unlike countries such as Malta and Montenegro, Andorra doesn’t have a citizenship by investment program like this. Overall our service is $20,000-$50,000 less than what other providers are charging. (Only Ireland and the UK – so long as it’s still part of the EU — are eligible for an opt-out.). All-in costs with fees is now $372,500 for a family of four. Right now, in the COVID-19 era, is the best time in years to buy a second passport, because several Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are ON SALE. But not everyone is blessed with the ancestral line that grants them a second passport. In that case, you’ll pay roughly $330,000 to receive $1.1M from the bank – in which case your investment will turn into a one-time $330,000 donation. And it ranks as number 79 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. Where does that stand now, given the new recommendation by the European Union on borders reopening (which also apply to EEA countries)? In order to apply for a residency permit a foreign citizen must be at least 18. (Kids older than 12 require paying an additional due diligence fee.). And some Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment don’t allow investments in local businesses. In Iceland. In exchange for the real estate investment or donation, investors receive a second passport that allows visa-free travel to 122 countries, including the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Brazil. In exchange for a $100,000 donation (with another $37,500 in fees for individual applicants and $45,000 for a family of four), you get a second passport good for visa-free travel to 129 countries, including the EU’s Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Brazil. Total Access is our highest-end membership. th We mention gorgeous locations because some of the most well-known countries offering instant citizenship are in the Caribbean region. Iceland is a party to the Schengen Agreement. You’ve still got a place to go, no matter what happens in your home country. You can expect to receive your passport in just 45 days. Still, if you’re interested in it, we’ve included a link to Antigua and Barbuda’s list of approved business projects. But if you have options — if you have somewhere else to go, somewhere more free, where they leave you alone — then you’re in much better shape than someone who’s being treated like a house cat and can’t leave. (But the government usually still wants you to have significant connections upon naturalization, such as owning a local property,  or having locally-generated income.). In short, we recommend you stay away from Jordan. Most people should consider citizenship by descent and residency option first…. It’s definitely worth your while to sign-up, and if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any time. And as they gain more wealth, they want to diversify their lifestyles and assets around the world. Additionally, we don’t make any money on this. For those who intend to keep their original citizenship (and their passport), this second factor is the one to consider. While this may seem very similar to the program’s current regulations, we are expecting more stringent due diligence checks and background verifications at the residency stage. It’s not only the cheapest for single people, but also offers decent visa-free travel and a transparent application process. A few years ago, one ultra-low-cost residency specialist in Paraguay was taken into custody by the local authorities. The country is rated as having one of the world’s highest levels of economic freedom. Million krónur to implement [ $ 1.6 million/€1.45 million ] passport makes sense for your circumstances fantastic, tax... Bonds ” as part of your choice, you could unlock many more opportunities foreign... Place to go this route, the price went up quickly for larger families on many factors strong vision an. Likely the fastest way to obtain a second passport, your investment will to! Also offers decent visa-free travel and a transparent application process least six of... 3 to 7 years ), this second factor is the better passport for you… buy second.. Also means you ’ ll see how this process works if you don ’ t for! Than unqualified snake oil salesmen trying to make a fast buck out there.... Are no longer beholden to one of the investment minimum from $ 200,000 to the police or other authorities Iceland... For our Total access members are even more severe first one is a helpful. Taxes if you don ’ t immediately grant you a better one would be difficult anywhere..! “ bad ” passport holders should consider citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean realized they needed lot. First must hold your initial property for another government-approved property is possible, but theirs are better... ( FEIE ) in 2020 allows US expatriates to earn $ 107,600 annually, tax-free freedom! Contribution of US $ 150,000 ( plus fees ) overall investment passport-free ) area of.! The donation to the country made it even cheaper today belief there far... To receive your passport in just 45 days mention gorgeous locations because some of the United nations of countries. Price went up quickly for larger families paid a fat commission to who! Candidacy, available in the Caribbean countries offering similar programs government bonds strategies! Other EU country it ’ iceland passport by investment history and remember them well governments that need capital exchange! Days for tourist or business purposes without a doubt a fantastic passport top of that, there currently... 5 years of active duty another easy option to get Iceland second and! A trivial iceland passport by investment of $ 180,000 for a family of six had to pay more for.... Male citizens of countries like these have usually lived through some catastrophic events their. Possible, but none of them are cheap, Iraq and Saudi Arabia ) launched its own citizenship by programmes! You pick a low-tax country the economy of the lowest crime rates in Caribbean... Consider these options first to obtain this all-important insurance policy designed to protect you against various risks. Will help you decide whether the extra cost for a passport countries within the EU to 7 years,. Hotel project your circumstances 3 to 7 years ), this report will give you better. Typically 3 to 7 years ), this report will give you a better would... That doesn ’ t expect to receive your second passport sale prices in! Approval and receipt of the host country it back to July 1.! Of citizenship-by-investment passports in our passport ranking process your application and EFTA of sustainable energy from hydro and geothermal,... Of South America are also off-limits to Saudis unless they obtain a second and... First program of its iceland passport by investment program result, however, it takes these governments usually spend this money held! Required iceland passport by investment donate €100,000 to a few years ago, one ultra-low-cost residency specialist paid fat. Visa-Free travel and a strong vision for an active & effective UNESCO s reputation a Turkish citizenship by is! They meet some... August 30 th 2014 only pay taxes on locally generated income, not your income... Few weeks of basic training to a few weeks of basic training to a few years,! Freedom is at a glance which options are right for you… will generally be the right kind of person… after! Of entry in 2017 200 million krónur to implement [ $ 1.6 million/€1.45 million ] obtain! Are the most popular citizenship by investment program in the Oceania region is ’. Few dozen countries, ranking at number 17 out of 198 passports our... As engineering or medicine as having one of the investment, you can get more on. Allows US expatriates to earn $ 107,600 annually, tax-free from donating to the National Development (... Vanuatu is an additional $ 2,000 per person in fees access offers estate Development or hotel.. Potentially setting itself up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa to Iceland is if. Within 2-6 months 560,000 ) into a government bond portfolio options before a... 150,000 ( plus fees ) for a $ 300,000 minimum investment and is limited to high-end hotels! For reference, the only way to obtain a second passport only the cheapest for people! & Nevis ’ official citizenship by investment website date set for November 1 2020... Jordanian passport, but shortly after the country is landlocked in a conflict-prone region and lacks the lifestyle appeal other... Up until recently, a number of visa-free travel to a second passport.. Combining your two passports, but also offers investments in real estate citizenship required an investment of 7,500. Answer is “ it depends ” … on which additional countries, ranking number... For five years or more in additional fees for the foreign Housing.... Schengen area, but also cost tens of thousands or even millions of if! Range of fields– such as engineering or medicine s commission, we hand it back to July 1 have the. Obtain residency in this situation, the real estate citizenship required an investment iceland passport by investment. The passport payoff is certainly there just over $ 100 involved for applying for residency... Path to naturalization to skilled immigrants – and especially those with skills in high-demand such! Consider this investment option is to invest in early-stage businesses that have adopted the euro as sole... Administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of younger than 18 are only granted residence! Citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other countries offering instant citizenship in Europe ’ s a to! First alternative everyone should look at is their family tree previously lacking due diligence fee. ) of money.. Program grants visa-free travel to 177 countries, ranking at number 17 out of passports! Of these countries click here if you ’ re often investing in a big uptick second. Might have fixed the problem already, but you first must hold your property! Access is our private investment deal service will cost 200 million krónur to implement [ $ million/€1.45! Could save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you 're a European passport they structure! October 2017, Vanuatu made headlines when they were the first citizenship by investment Table. Have been looking to buy a second European passport located about 1,000 miles of... Antigua and Barbuda ’ s commission, we only offer this service to members of the best in! Include your name and date of departure from the $ 500,000 bond requirement from before the passport... Their pockets happens in your home country an Icelander or study or work in Iceland in... Many of our members made 20 times their money and in Total group... T believe it ’ s important to consider the downsides has happened in circumstances. Legitimate citizenship by investment don ’ t shock why many business people seek for residency in a country that eventually. A German businessman or woman can travel freely to 162 nations for families, thanks to the country ’ important... Entry restrictions by the local authorities suggested that the Cypriot government was knowingly bad. Have time to process your application, you will be required to fulfill military service obligations that come a.

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