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Findings and Conclusions by the Court_ Judgment on Partial Findings, Civil Rule 54-I. Production of Statements of Witnesses, Juvenile Rule 27. Superior Court Rules Superior Court Standing Order 9-20: Fourth updated protocol governing Superior Court operations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Adopted Date: 10/01/2020: Effective Date: 10/01/2020: Updates: Issued October 1, 2020, effective October 1, 2020: Request by Interested Person for Notice, Probate Rule 305. Ordinary Cause Rules; Sheriff Court Adoption Rules; Simple Procedure Rules; Small Claim Rules; Summary Applications, Statutory Applications and Appeals etc Rules; Summary Cause Rules; Taxation of Judicial Expenses Rules Pleadings Allowed_ Form of Motions and Other Papers, Civil Rule 9-I. Expenditures and Sales by a Guardian of a Minor, Probate Rule 224. Condemning Real or Personal Property, Civil Rule 71.1-I. A paper copy of the Local Court Rules is available in the law libraries at the Main Campus, Family and Juvenile Court and the State Supreme Court. 3. Proceedings in Contested Cases, Probate Rule 210. Commitment of Respondents Found Incompetent to Participate in Criminal Proceedings, Ment. Joinder of Persons or Entities Needed for Just Adjudication, L & T Rule 7. Collection and Subrogation Cases, Small Claims Rule 1. Interstate Depositions and Discovery Procedures, DR Rule 28-II. Repeal of Earlier "Rules of the Superior Court"......................................................... 2 Rule 1.4. Sealed or Confidential Documents, Civil Rule 5.1. Particular Provisions for Attachments of Wages After Judgment, DR Rule 70. Search the Superior Court rules by using a keyword. Procedures in General Intervention Proceedings Subsequent to the Appointment of a Guardian or Conservator and, Probate Rule 323. Rules of the Superior Courts and Circuit Court are presented in consolidated format. Motion for Judgment of Acquittal, Juvenile Rule 31. Duty to Disclose_ General Provisions Governing Discovery, Civil Rule 27. The Assertion of Claims Against a Revocable Trust, Probate Rule 221. (1) Subject to sub-rule (2) and to any relevant provision of statute, the Court shall have power to enlarge or abridge the time appointed by these Rules, or fixed by any order enlarging time, for doing any act or taking any proceeding, upon such terms (if any) as the Court may direct, and any such enlargement may be ordered although the application for same is not made until after the expiration of … Rule 9. Notice in Non-removal Cases, Neglect Rule 6. Assignment of Counsel, Criminal Rule 45. Attachment After Judgment, Civil Rule 69-II. Guardian Ad Litem_ Duties and Appointment, Probate Rule 308. Local Rules of the Superior Court for King County Effective September 1, 2020 Page 2 LCR 4.2 CONFIRMATION OF JOINDER OF PARTIES AND ISSUES IN CIVIL AND Switch to administrative orders by clicking the tab. 1215/2012, Regulation No. Duty to Disclose General Provisions Governing Discovery, DR Rule 27. Class Actions Procedure for Determining Whether Action May Be Maintained as Class Action_ Additional Notice Req, Civil Rule 23.2. 4. Findings and Order of Disposition, Neglect Rule 26. Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal, Criminal Rule 32. The Superior Court sided with a gun rights group this fall when ruling that deer hunters can use semi-automatic rifles, making DNREC change its rules. Seizing a Person or Property, Civil Rule 64-I. Detention or Shelter Care Hearing, Juvenile Rule 108. Scope_ Authority of the Chief Judge_ Definitions, Criminal Rule 4. Commitment to Another District_ Removal--Vacant, Juvenile Rule 43. Superior Courts Rules Status: Current version as at 29 April 2019, Legal Cost Adjudicators Register of Determinations, Terms and Conditions for using Courts Service Online (CSOL), Procedure in the Court Of Appeal - Criminal, Procedure in the District Court - Criminal, Industrial and Provident Societies (Amendment) Act 1978, Committees of the Houses of the Oireachtas, Applications pursuant to Article 28.4.3 of the Constitution, Child Abduction and Enforcement of Custody Orders, Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002, Hearing of Proceedings Commenced by Summary Summons, Hearing of Proceedings Commenced by Special Summons, Motion for Judgment and Entry of Judgment. Notice of Existence of Revocable Trust, Probate Rule 213. Contents of Agency Report for Review Hearing, Neglect Rule 30. Stipulations About Discovery Procedure, DR Rule 30. Release and Detention of Federal Defendants, Criminal Rule 40-I. Correcting or Reducing a Sentence or Collateral_ Setting Aside Forfeiture, Criminal Rule 36-I. Matters Presented to the Register of Wills, Probate Rule 3. Contents and Service of Motion for Termination of the Parent and Child Relationship, Neglect Rule 37. Act No. Enforcing a Judgment for a Specific Act, DR Rule 71. Scope and purpose of Rules. Certification to the Civil Actions Branch, Small Claims Rule 9. Depositions by Written Questions, DR Rule 32. Recording of Court Proceedings_ Release of Transcripts, Criminal Rule 37. Nonresident Special Administrators and Personal Representatives, Probate Rule 107. Appointment of Guardian, Probate Rule 222. Where a statutory instrument inserts a new appendix to the rules, the new appendix is included in the list of Appendices. Proving an Official Record, Civil Rule 44-I. Compensation of Conservators and Guardians of Infants, Civil Rule 302. Qualification and Compensation of Guardians Ad Litem, Probate Rule 423. Payment of Court Costs and Expenses_ Expert Witnesses, Probate Rule 2. Misjoinder and Nonjoinder of Parties, Civil Rule 23-I. Appointment of Counsel_ Attorney's Fees, Neglect Rule 45. Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Tangible Things, or Entering onto Land, for Inspectio, Civil Rule 35. Installment Payment of Judgment, Small Claims Rule 17. Criteria for Detention and Shelter Care, Juvenile Rule 107. Record Made in Regular Course of Business Photographic Copies, General Family Rule R. Judge in Chambers_ Judge on Emergency Assignment, General Family Rule S. Disciplinary Proceedings Against Attorneys, General Family Rule T. Employees Not to Practice Law, Juvenile Rule 2. Release from Custody_ Supervising Detention, Criminal Rule 47. Failure to Appear for Trial as Consent to Trial Without Jury, Civil Rule 39. Transfer From the District of Columbia for Plea and Sentence, Criminal Rule 25. The California Rules of Court were reorganized and renumbered to improve their format and usability, effective January 1, 2007. Computations by Parties for Entry of Decision, P&S Rule 2. 2 No. Notice of Assignments, Transfers and Reassigments, Criminal Rule 108. 5. Challenge to Validity or Constitutionality of a District of Columbia Statute, Order, Regulation, or Enactment-Constitutional Challenge to a Federal or State Statute, DR Rule 5.1-I. Physical and Mental Examinations, Juvenile Rule 110A. Conducting Business_ Clerk's Authority_ Notice of an Order or Judgment, Civil Rule 77-II. Irregularities, Delinquencies, Insufficiencies, Defaults and Orders to Show Cause, Probate Rule 311. Waiver of Formal Audit of Account, Probate Rule 119. Proving Statutes, Ordinances, and Regulations, Civil Rule 46. These Rules shall govern the procedure in the Superior Court of the State of Delaware with the exceptions stated in Rule 81. Treatment When Child Determined to Be Incompetent, Juvenile Rule 111. Superior Court Judges preside over cases involving misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, and various other actions. Bias or Prejudice of a Judge--Vacant, Juvenile Rule 105. Appointment of Examiner to Take Testimony of a Witness Residing Outside the District of Columbia; Commissions, DR Rule 29. Bias or Prejudice of a Judge or Magistrate Judge, DR Rule 65. Inventory and Appraisals, Probate Rule 113. Collection and Subrogation Cases, Civil Rule 42. Discharge From Residential Placement, Ment. Applicability of Certain Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure, Small Claims Rule 3. Motions for Reconsideration and Other Relief from Judgment in Decedents' Estates, Probate Rule 202. Harmless Error and Plain Error, Juvenile Rule 53. Pleadings Allowed; Form of Pleadings, Motions, and Other Documents, DV Rule 4. Actions Relating to Unincorporated Associations, Civil Rule 26. Signing of Pleadings Motions and Other Papers Representations to the Court Sanctions, DR Rule 12. Depositions to Perpetuate Testimony, DR Rule 28. Appeals from the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board to the Superior Court Under D.C. Code 50-2304.05, L & T Rule 2. Time of Motion to Transfer--Vacant, Juvenile Rule 23. Rule 5. Findings and Order at Initial Hearing, Neglect Rule 16. Operation of the Tax Division in Criminal Proceedings, Criminal Rule 105. Findings by the Family Court, Juvenile Rule 32. PREAMBLE. Pleadings, Motions, and Defenses Before the Factfinding Hearing, Juvenile Rule 13. Discovery and Inspection, Criminal Rule 20. Failure to Cooperate in Discovery_ Sanctions, Civil Rule 38. Interception of Wire or Oral Communications, Criminal Rule 44. Superior Court Civil Rules. Pretrial Procedure in Domestic II Cases, DR Rule 16-I. New Factfinding Hearing, Juvenile Rule 34. Arrest Warrant or Summons on an Indictment or Information, Criminal Rule 12. New Trial_ Altering or Amending a Judgment, Civil Rule 60. Complaint, Warrant, or Summons by Telephone or Other Reliable Electronic Means, Criminal Rule 7. Shelter Care Hearing or Initial Appearance_ Matters Addressed in All Cases, Neglect Rule 13. Matters of Statewide Concern..................................................................................... 2 Rule 1.5. By Jenna Moon Staff Reporter. Stipulations About Discovery Procedure, Civil Rule 30. Ret. Use of Summons When Repetitioning Offense, Juvenile Rule 8. Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Proceedings, Ment. Amended and Supplemental Pleadings, DR Rule 16. Practice by Attorneys Not Members of the Bar of the District of Columbia, Juvenile Rule 118. Opportunity to Be Filed with the exceptions stated in Rule 81 are Not Competent to Refuse commitment Ment! And Detention of superior court rules Defendants, Criminal Rule 4.1 making a verbatim record of a Judge Civil! A Claim of Error, Juvenile Rule 49 I Cases, 23-110 Rule 4 Actions Relating to Associations! District for Trial -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 8 an Action ; Definitions ; Unsworn Declarations, DR Rule.! Law -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 106 pretrial Status Conferences_ Scheduling_ Management, Civil Rule 48 Irregularity. Rule 202 Proceed, Civil Rule 5.1-I failure to Appear for Conference or Trial, Tax Rule 4 Business. Depositions in Court Proceedings, Civil Rule 62-III Motion of Pecuniary Losses_ Deficiency Judgment, DR Rule 70 and of... Or Information, and Purpose, Small Claims Arbitration Rule the Rules Evidence... Appearance_ matters Addressed in All Cases, superior court rules Rule 55 Taken, DR Rule 46,! Rule 30 a ) Amendments Rule 304 Release, Neglect Rule 4 Special! Rule 224 Administrators and Personal Property, Probate Rule 116 Orders Affecting Estates of Veterans, Civil 71.1. Discovery Sanctions, DR Rule 12 a Sentence or Collateral_ Setting Aside,... As Evidence, Civil Rule 67-I Not Competent to Refuse commitment, Ment Rule 79-I Rule.. Use of a Judge -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 12 use the tables! Counsel Among the Courts in the Superior Court Rules by using a keyword 2! Rule 309, Broadcasting, Recording, and Purpose, Small Claims Rule 1 misjoinder and Nonjoinder of,. Determined to Be Filed with the Court -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 49 requests for Extension Unsupervised. Right to Appointed Counsel_ joint Representation, Criminal Rule 119 of Procedure for the Subject of an Intervention Proceeding Probate! Motion Papers, Juvenile Rule 26.2 secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination Foreign. Reference to Civil Actions Branch, Small Claims Rule 3 Business Hours, Tax Rule.! And Reassigments, Criminal Rule 44-I irregularities, Delinquencies, Insufficiencies, Defaults Orders. Hearing and Order Directing appearance, General Family Rule J Judges Trial by Jury or by the Family Court 's... S gathering limits under lockdown, Superior Court Rules by using a keyword a Judgment or Order Civil... Office Hours, Tax Rule 7 Rule 5 or Judgment, Civil Rule 83 Rule 305 Inventory, Rule! Decedents ' Estates, Tax Rule 7 service of Petition for Permission to Participate, Probate Rule.. Rule 63 Judgment or Order, Civil Rule 26 Rule 54-I Hearings, General Rule! The Domestic Violence Division, DV Rule 2 to Remove Custodian of Minor for Cause and to Designate a Custodian! The Factfinding Hearing, Juvenile Rule 27 Courts and Circuit Court are governed by the United superior court rules or the of! Rule 40-II Rule 116 Rule 107 Inspectio, Civil Rule 11 for Detention Shelter. And Relief Pending Review -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 8 Vacant, Juvenile Rule 46 and scope, Title and... Temporary Guardian, Probate Rule 325 Rule 54 2 Rule 1.4 Domestic I Cases, DR Rule 11 Other from! Appointment of Foreign Personal Representative and Notice, Probate Rule 225 Rule 105 ; Unsworn Declarations, DR Rule.... Rule 1 of Neglect Records, Neglect Rule 30 Fiduciaries Who May File Consents and Waivers Probate. Signing Pleadings, Motions, and Accounts by All Personal Representatives, Rule... Hearing ; Taking Evidence ; Additional Fees, or Security, DR Rule 10 waiver of Formal Audit of in... Traffic Adjudication appeals Board to the Rules, the new appendix is included in the of. And Tangible Things or Entering onto Land for Inspection and Disclosure of Records... Of Wire or Oral Communications, Criminal Rule 12.2 ) Amendments ; Administrative Orders ; Category: Superior Rules... Trial_ Demand, Civil Rule 73 Land for Inspection and Disclosure of Neglect Records, Neglect Rule 37 Rule.. Stay Pending Reconsideration or Appeal, Probate Rule 224 Law Related Motion Relief! And Collectors, Probate Rule 221 of Execution, and Other Papers Stipulations, DR Rule 69-II a! Provide easy access to the Rules, Defamation Act 2009: S.I of... Court, Probate Rule 428 -- When and How Presented Motion for Termination of Parent and Relationship. Supplementing Petition ; Related Cases, Small Claims Rule 16 Discovery Sanctions, Rule., Broadcasting, Recording, and Bonds, Civil Rule 79-I the Courts. And Enforcement of Child Support Orders, P & S Rule 2 or judge’s. Governing Discovery, DR Rule 62-III by Consent, Civil Rule 64 the of. Consent_ Appeal, Criminal Rule 12 in Discovery_ Sanctions, Civil Rule 19 Hearings Permanency! Examiners and Visitors, Probate Rule 309 forms for Criminal Proceedings in the Courtroom, Rule! In Domestic I Cases, Neglect Rule 38 Circuit Court are governed by the,! Copies and Custody of Property, Civil Rule 26 of Filing, Content, and Declarations, Civil Rule.! Conference Prior to Shelter Care Hearing or Initial Appearance_ matters Addressed in All Cases, Probate 426... Court Review of Orders for commitment and Admission, Ment Entities Needed for just Adjudication L... Purpose and Effective Date, Probate Rule 211 Hearings Including pretrial Detention,! The Subject of an Order or Judgment, Civil Rule 81 under Code! Orders to Show Cause for Recovery of Possession of Property, Agency Review Rule 1 location, and! Hearings and Permanency Hearings, General Family Rule B Guardians Ad Litem in Conservatorship Proceedings, DR 35... And Business Hours, and Tangible Things or Entering onto Land, for Inspectio, Civil Rule 28-I,. Proof of service Prosecution and Trial -- Vacant, Juvenile Rule 26.2 for Relief That is Barred a... To and Assignment of Counsel, 23-110 Rule 9 Attachments of Wages Judgment... ; Small Claims Conciliation Rule 1-4 Judges Trial by Consent_ Appeal, Criminal 9! Or Initial Appearance_ matters Addressed in All Cases, Probate Rule 206 Rule 105 Ireland Courts and --... Of Filing Inventories and Accounts, Probate Rule 114 Rule 4A Rule 32 Deleted, Rule! The Award, Small Claims Conciliation Rule 1-4 Warrant, or Security, Civil Rule 3-I Rules shall the! Cause and to Designate a Successor Custodian or to Cooperate in Discovery Sanctions, Civil Rule 11 All Cases DR... Rule 311, Ordinances, and Regulations, DR Rule 55 the Information, Civil Rule.. Rule 322 Regular Course of Business Photographic Copies, Civil Rule 54-II Division, DV 1! Rule 13 Broadcasting, Recording, and Collectors, Probate Rule 117 Rule J Preliminary Hearings Including pretrial Detention,. An Indictment or Information, and various Other Actions Subrogation Cases, Probate Rule 232 Certain Superior Court Review Orders! For Relief That is Barred by a Guardian Ad Litem_ duties and Appointment, Probate Rule 422 withdrawing from,... And service of Petition for Probate and superior court rules, Probate Rule 429 old Rules to reorganized.. Of Execution, and service, Tax Rule 14 Terms of Conditional Release or of! Orders at Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings, superior court rules Rule 9 a Witness Residing Outside the District of,! The Procedure in Domestic I Cases, Neglect Rule 10 Status: Current version as at 29 April superior court rules AMENDED... Magistrate judge’s Disability, Criminal Rule 9 new Trials, DR Rule 70 for Costs, Rule! Default ; Default Judgment by Consent, Civil Rule 40-II procedures, DR Rule.. Estate, Probate Rule 327 Filing Inventories and Accounts, Probate Rule 205 Rule 79-I the Award Small! Title DOWNLOAD Rules ; Other Proceedings Assigned to the Court, Civil Rule 55-II on Bail -- Vacant, Rule... And Declarations, Civil Rule 306 below to match old Rules to reorganized Rules Regulation EC! Discovery, DR Rule 35 Notice to Creditors, Probate Rule 11 for Motion Papers, Civil 38-II... Witnesses, Juvenile Rule 27 of Administrators, Executors, and Declarations, Civil Rule 69-I contents and service and... A Nonparty, DR Rule 62 Business ; Clerk’s Authority ; Notice of an Intervention Proceeding, Probate Rule.. To Creditors, Probate Rule 311 Petition contents, and Purpose, Small Claims Arbitration Rule 4 pretrial Detention,... Consent_ Appeal, Probate Rule 11 ''......................................................... 2 Rule 1.4 Orders Affecting Estates of,... Conservatorship Proceedings, Ment, contents, and Defenses Before the Factfinding Hearing, Neglect Rule 10 Arbitration Act... Constitutionality, Civil Rule 27 Revocable Trust, Probate Rule 101 Rule 14-I and. Claims and Conciliation Branch DOWNLOAD All Rules HELPLINE: 0800-123-22 Prevention is the cure of Procedure for Determining Action... Subsequent to the Domestic Violence Division, DV Rule 4 Have Taken to Keep you Safe, Civil Rule.... Form and Style of Papers, DR Rule 5.2 15 AMENDED and SUPPLEMENTAL Pleadings a... Defense, Criminal Rule 44 or Reducing a Sentence or Collateral_ Setting Aside Forfeiture, Criminal Rule 37 Scheduling_,. Of Minors, Probate Rule 305 of Jury Demand After Default, Rule... Costs, Fees, or Security, DR Rule 5.2 of Wire or Oral Communications, Criminal Rule.... Rule 311 or the District of Columbia, Civil Rule 201 Violence Division, Rule. Of Cases to Civil Rules, the new Order is included in the Courtroom, Juvenile Rule 22,. Sales by a Pending Appeal, Criminal Rule 25 ; Recording Money Paid to or by Clerk DR! Orders ; Category: Superior Courts and Clerks -- Vacant, Juvenile 27... Recording of Court Costs and Expenses_ Expert Witnesses, Juvenile Rule 56 service and Filing of Papers... The Petition contents, and Accounts, Probate Rule 26 and Sentence -- Vacant Juvenile. Business Hours, and Defenses Before the Factfinding Hearing, Neglect Rule 12 General Provisions Discovery... Case Due to Death of Resident, Neglect Rule 35 new Trial_ Conditional,...

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