Super Simple Weight Loss Trick

This super simple weight loss trick works for EVERYONE of all ages because it’s so customizable. You’ll create the momentum you need to transform your health and eating habits. It only takes about 5 minutes to start!  

How to Have an Amazing Quiet Time in Just 10 Minutes

Desire quiet time but don’t have time? This powerful quiet time template will improve your walk with God, dramatically change your daily perception and according to author Mike Whitfield, will give your mindset a desperately needed “oil change”. You’ll get the step-by-step quiet time template and more.  

3 Simple Habits of Successful People

3 powerful, but simple habits you can use to achieve success faster than ever. Mike Whitfield, author of Rise and Hustle, shows you the 3 most powerful habits you can use immediately to achieve any goal faster.  

Is Interval Training Dead

Is interval training dead? Mike Whitfield, Author, Master Trainer and who has lost 115 pounds explains why interval training may not work and what you can do to fix it. He also shows you a NEW way to use interval training to burn more fat in less time. Resources: Transcript Courtesy of Speaker 3:            [00:00:30] All right. This …

Doable Time Management Hacks

Discover 4 breakthroughs to get more done in less time and eliminate feeling overwhelmed. Mike Whitfield, author of Rise and Hustle, takes you through his top time management hacks so you no longer feel overwhelmed and focus more on your purpose.  

001 Intermittent Fasting and Cardio on an Empty Stomach

If you’re playing with the idea of intermittent fasting, you’ll want to hear this. You’ll avoid the common mistakes of fasting, how to customize a plan, and a detailed step-by-step approach to fasting so you’re not overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll get the pros and cons of exercising on an empty stomach and the perfect way to experiment to see if it’s …

Let This Man Take Over Your To Do List

Do you ever feel as if your to-do list is growing and yet your time is shrinking? You find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety or worse, you continually hit “snooze” because you don’t want to face such a laundry list of responsibilities. Overwhelmed. Overworked. STRESSED out. Recently in our Sunday School class, my friend …

Rise+Hustle-Mike Whitfield-Encouragement

Why Are You Doing This?

Quick question—when you set a goal, do you focus more on your “why” or your “how”? You see, the “why” is the reason you set the goal in the first place. For example, my “why” of Rise and Hustle is to bring hope and encouragement to people like you in 90 seconds so that when adversity hits, you’re able to …